Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you work in?
My “home” area is in or around Tampa, Florida. However, I do travel frequently for photography all over Florida and anywhere else in the USA or other countries. I love traveling so if you’re planning on having a wedding outside of the area and enjoy my photography, then please give me a call!

How would you define your photography style for weddings?
I get questions like this a lot and it’s a very good one! I specialize in Natural Light, Portrait-Journalist Wedding Photography and Candid Wedding Photography but I try to capture all styles such as Traditional, Classic, Illustrative and High Fashion. This allows me to stage those shots which greatly benefit from it (Rings, details, portraits, etc) while still capturing the true emotion of the day. Whether you want formally posed shots or unobtrusive coverage, this allows me the flexibility to capture all the emotions from your wedding day and more.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check, all major credit/debit cards(small fee) and even PayPal(small fee).

 We love your work! How do I book you as my wedding photographer?
To book us for your wedding day, I require both a signed contract and a retainer to hold your day. Click BOOK NOW to begin.

What is a retainer?
The retainer is a set payment towards your wedding balance that is non-refundable. It is due no later than one week after you sign your contract. The retainer guarantees that we hold your specified date and turn down other clients that want to book the same date as your event.

What photography equipment do you bring to the wedding?
I always bring a minimum of two camera bodies, multiple lenses, one flash, multiple batteries (for camera and flash), multiple memory cards and other miscellaneous items (lighting, tripod, etc). I want to make absolutely certain that any equipment failure on my part does not result in missed photography for you.

What is a Photo Preview in the Wedding Photography Packages?
A photo preview is where I set up a laptop with 15 to 30 edited photos from your getting ready, ceremony and after photos for you and all your guest to view. I will step aside for 15-20 mins during dinner to quick edit 15 to 30 photos from the 1st half of your wedding day. You will also receive these photos in your public online gallery the day after your wedding along with your private unedited gallery.

My venue requires photographers to have proof of insurance, do you have any?
Yes, we are a fully Licensed and Insured Company and can provide proof of insurance if needed.

Do you photograph in both color and black-n-white?
I take all my photographs in color with the highest resolution my camera provides. This gives me full control over how best to bring out the “feel” in each shot. Some will be in color and some will be in black-n-white. If my clients want all their edited photos in both color and black-n-white we can certainly provide that for a small additional fee.

How far in advance should I book my wedding photography?
While it can vary depending on the couple, I typically get inquiries for wedding photography about a year or more out from their scheduled date. The earlier you book the better and more of a chance I will be free.  But do not worry if your wedding is closer, I have also received inquiries for weddings as close as 3 weeks out. So again it depends on the couple.

Do you offer prints?
Yes, I work with an amazing company that specialize in prints. You can get everything from a normal glossy 8×10 print, to a mounted canvas print or even metal prints. We also offer different sizes of coffee table style books so you have something to take everywhere and show off your beautiful photos or to give as presents to your In-Laws.

What type of clothing should be worn for our engagement session?
I feel it’s best to keep your engagement photography about you rather then what you’re wearing. I do advise my clients to stay away from clothing with busy patterns or words. Solid colors work well especially with black and white photography.

When do we get our proofs and edited photos back from the wedding?
You get ALL your unedited photos(proofs) the day after your wedding in a private online gallery where you can view and also download them all from. If your wedding package includes the photo preview you will also get your preview photos the day after your wedding in your separate public online wedding gallery. Your finished wedding photos will be available 3 weeks to 6 weeks after your wedding day in the public online wedding gallery.

Do I get All photos taken? If not, how many photos will I get?
This is a very good question, as the number varies depending on your package. Yes, you will get ALL unedited photos taken(between 200 to 4,000) the day after your wedding in a private online gallery where you can view and download them. The amount of unedited photos vary from around 200 photos for 1 hr to around 4,000 for 12 hrs. I can give you an closer estimate for specific time frames if needed.

When should I schedule my engagement session?
Engagement sessions are typically booked 6 months to 1 year before your wedding date, but can be done at any time. It depends on when you would like to send out your save the date cards.

When should I send my save the date cards?
According to the most popular etiquette sites: six months is plenty of time to send your save the date card for a local wedding. If you are asking a lot of people to travel to the wedding location, especially for a destination wedding out of the country, at least eight months is recommended.

Is your photography done in a studio or on location?
I specialize primarily in outdoor and natural light photography. Your photos will benefit from a beautiful location or somewhere that is special to you as a couple. If needed I can recommend many beautiful locations in the Tampa Bay Area. I do also have a full studio located in Tampa. If you want capture both on location and in studio photos we can always do that for a small additional fee.

Do you offer CD’s or USB Drives with wedding packages?
All our wedding packages include an online gallery with digital downloads of all photos. You can add either a USB or a CD to hold the edited photos for an additional fee, but I find most couples have no need for it.

How can my friends and family see the wedding, bridal or engagement photography?
As part of my wedding service, I post all your edited images in a public Online Photo Gallery for you to share with family, friends and wedding guest. All public galleries can be found at this link Everyone can view photos, share photos, purchase digital copies and purchase prints.