Coordinator with Planning

Services Start at $499

($99  Retainer  due  when  booking, Remaining  Balance  Due On Your Wedding Day)

Package and price can be altered to accommodate lower budgets.

Now offering Wedding Coordinating with Planning Services. We are located in Tampa but we cover all of Florida. My name is Amy and I will help to bring your dream wedding into reality by helping you plan, manage and coordinate your rehearsal, ceremony and reception. I will offer my advice and help with ideas. I will help you find vendors and review contracts. I will coordinate with all the vendors to ensure the accuracy of the services provided. I will help decorate the ceremony and reception locations. I will facilitate the placement of center pieces, decorations, programs, guestbooks, escort cards, place cards, menus, favors and more. I will give directions and handle time management as well as solve any unexpected obstacles. At the end of your wedding night I will also stay to help clean up. I will gather any items that were brought and drop them off to you the day after your wedding or when you get back from your honeymoon.

If you go with me, expect to see me multiple times before your wedding and of course on your wedding day. I don’t like to set a number of meetings you get because I like to help out as much as you want me to. I can come with you to your cake tasting, I can come with you to check out venues, we can meet to go over details(more than once), if you need me I’ll even come to your dress/tux fitting and much more. 

For your big day I will coordinate the following:

  • Assisting the bride and wedding party with dressing, photo schedules.
  • Guiding the bridal party through processional and recessional.
  • Checking details both big (final head count for caterer, number of place settings) and small (placement of favors, menus and napkin folds).
  • Checking floor plans, lighting levels, cake placement.
  • Cueing all wedding professionals.
  • Collection of gifts and personal items, inventory and safe removal. The coordinator is usually the last person to leave.

I also often handle the unexpected:

  • Party crashers are ordering drinks at the bar and need to be asked to leave.
  • Groomsman is missing his tux shirt, so we implore the rental company to do an emergency delivery.
  • Bandleader arrives two hours late: We work with the lead singer to get the party going.
  • We direct traffic in the middle of the street so the photographer can capture the perfect shot.
  • The Mother of the Bride disappears just as the couple is ready to cut the wedding cake — I will find her and bring her back.
  • The lights in the ballroom are too bright; we work with the lighting engineer to create a warm ambiance.